Designed and manufactured in Melbourne, these pots were an instant classic of the indoor plant world when launched in 1987. Designer, Richard Carlson, has been awarded hundreds of Australian design awards and his Décor classic BYO Wine Bottle Carrier is on permanent exhibit in the New York Museum of Modern Art. Richard has been inducted into the Design institute of Australia’s Hall of Fame.

This original pioneering Australian design helps you take care of your plants by allowing plants to regulate their own water intake via water wells at the base of the pot. Simply water from above the first few days, then top up via the water well at the bottom.

Mr Kitly has produced an exclusive range of sizes and colours in this classic design available for wholesale purchase exclusively from Mr Kitly. Large 250mm and extra large 375mm pots fill a gap in the market for large indoor planters that are light, functional and look great. Small 170mm pots also available, pefect for shelf or desktop. The pots are lightwieght, clean, modern and colourific, perfect for home, office, or anywhere.