This is me right now.


This last month has been completely chaotic.

We unexpectedly had to shift gears, literally dropping everything at home, to turn our attention to a little flat that we have rented out for a long time.

It’s cute and a fairly good size, it’s in a great location, but it’s also a bit tired and dated.
I was still on school holidays (one week left, sob!) so we attacked the flat with a whirlwind of energy and ambition. ( We couldn’t possibly have done it without the troops: mumma, scarlett, mark… We love you.)

After 3 weeks, it looks amazing but I am wrecked.

This was all planned and was fairly easy to achieve:

– painted all the walls (soft white)
– painted all the trim (gloss white)
– painted all the windows inside and out
– painted the front door (turquoise! Love it!)
– painted all the closets and wardrobes (gloss white)
– replaced the carpet in the 2 bedrooms
– scrubbed all the floors, windows and kitchen surfaces
– patched and painted an ugly brick wall outside


– turned the kitchen window into a servery to the back garden
– pruned, planted and mulched

Then we did this:

– demolished the wall tiles in the bathroom
– removed the vanity
– resurfaced the bath
– installed a new vanity
– installed new taps and towel rails
– installed new shower screen
– retiled the bathroom walls


This was unplanned. And a nightmare. But I love it! It’s a million times nicer than my own bathroom! And now I can add tiling to my list of skills!


We also did this:

– sourced a bed, arm chair, bedside tables, lamps, side tables, TV table, TV, and a desk chair for CHEAP on
– bought some el cheapo glass vases at the op shop and painted the insides
– begged and/or borrowed another bed, and a couch from parents
– found a desk (on the side of the road)



– found an outdoor metal table (on the side of the road) and painted it gloss white to become a dining table


– took my pillows, cushions, bedlinen, bedside tables, bedside lamps, candles, books, magazines, vases, faux flowers, forchids, framed art, towels, floor lamp, and dining chairs from my house to the flat. (my house is pretty much empty now.)



And now we wait…….

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Thanks for reading! This blog is about endless cups of coffee, how to survive cancer (my mum's) with a good sense of humour firmly intact, and turning this little house we live in into something we love. Love, Elise 
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  1. Mumbo says:

    Why not sneak an ad for your new venture into your blog when u r up and running? :-) photos look great!

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