‘no pain no gain’ is a lie.

Mum has two arm chairs and a round wooden table tucked into a corner of the dining room. It’s a cozy spot for a chat. On the table is piles of books and magazines, notes to self, a lamp, the dodgy old pair of backup reading glasses with only one arm left, and a little jar – a souvenir from hospital.

A PowerPort is the size of a thimble that they insert just under the skin on the chest, a little tube attached to the device is threaded into a vein that goes to the heart. This makes chemo a lot easier. Most chemo patients end up getting a port. It’s easy to insert and remove – its just a local anesthetic.

What I am furious about is that inserting the port doesn’t happen straight away: they wait until you can’t put up with the pain of the chemo IV drip anymore.

Why can’t this be offered immediately?
Why wait until the patient’s wrist is covered in bruises, and the veins in the wrist are “collapsed” because of the burn of the chemo???

Without a port, you turn up for chemo and get your wrist jabbed with the IV needle until they find a vein that will hold up. Sometimes it can take minutes.

With a port, they numb the skin and jab directly into the device. It takes less than a second.

No pain no gain?


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