I tried going without coffee this week in a pathetically misguided attempt to improve my health: I got a headache. So I medicated it with coffee.

I sleep like a log. I can hit snooze every few minutes for 45 minutes, the cat can walk all over me, Darling Husband can get up, have a shower, make breakfast without me realizing: Most mornings, he has to wave my coffee under my nose before I can finally drag myself out of bed.


Here are my all time favourite locations for coffee:

1. Home
Convenient location, cosy ambiance, goodlookin’ wait staff 😉


2. Market Lane
Good location re: Vic Markets. Awesome coffee, no food.



3. Balmain’s
Amazing avocado on toast and they use the same “Dark Horse” coffee beans we order from 5 Senses. Not a huge fan of the inside – too dark. BYO torch.


4. 3 Bags Full
Amazing selection of coffee, great food. Cool vibe.


5. St Ali’s
Good food, good coffee. Hipster alert.


Apart from home, none of these places are exactly local…. but they are all worth the drive.
Of course, having to drive while un-caffeinated is a bit of a challenge…. I’ll brain storm a solution and get back to you, Internet People.

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Thanks for reading! This blog is about endless cups of coffee, how to survive cancer (my mum's) with a good sense of humour firmly intact, and turning this little house we live in into something we love. Love, Elise 
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  1. J says:

    Wait staff looking good is definitely the stand out point for me here.

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