Chalkboard inspiration

I have been collecting images of gorgeous kitchens for a long time.

As soon as I see something I like, I pin it without analyzing why… which has really helped me define what it is that I am continually drawn to (clean white kitchens with floor to ceiling cabinetry).

Lately though, I have been drawn to black walls/chalkboard paint as a really nice counterpoint for lots of glossy clean white.

These are from my kitchen inspiration board:



It’s one thing to live vicariously through Pinterest – collecting pictures of chalkboards you like – and quite another thing to bite the bullet and actually follow through on a project.

Let me tell you – chalk board paint is a nightmare to work with: It’s like trying to paint with honey.

But I am proud to say that I am not all talk and no action – this is my chalkboard wall in the kitchen!







I initially thought I would add upper and lower cabinets to this little nook to create some proper wine storage underneath, plus create an iPhone dock/charging station/stuff collection area like this one I found at houzz :


But I really love the blackness of the wall!

Here’s another visual: it’s a small section of wall tucked beside the pantry cupboards.


What should I do???

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  1. Hey Elise, thanks for commenting on DC today! Your beam is totally not noticeable. Is it 12″ high? Do you have any other pictures for me to steal, I mean pin?

    As for your nook, could you find a small desk to put there and see how it looks? An upper cabinet would be nice but I can’t tell what the side profile view from the other room would be, i.e., how far the cabinets would stick out.

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