Cacao, Fitzroy Street St Kilda

They are French, and everything is delicious.

In fact, by the time i thought to take a photo of my toasted panini, i’d already demolished it.

You can maybe see a teeny corner in this pic:


I’ll describe it for you though: juicy, herby sundried tomatoes, baby spinach leaves, proscuitto, and (i think) bocconcini on warm, perfectly toasted, crunchy bread.

People, i’m not going to lie to you: I pretty much inhaled it.

I bought some 24 of these (for my gorgeous year 8s tomorrow)


Chemo (herceptin) today, so mum and i indulged just a bit: Forgot to take a photo ate those immediately too.

Tangy lemon is my favourite (and not just because it coordinates with the cups).
The coffee was good, so i ordered 2.


Also made friends with a very sweet, elderly man.
He gave mum a pair of gloves because she said her hands were always cold. He carries several pairs of spare gloves in his bag ‘to give to the homeless people in winter’.
He is what can only be described as a Real Gentleman.

Update: year 8 could not have been more excited. They savoured every mouthful. What’s more (and more than can be said for me) they took photos when they had the chance.

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  1. Alex Nelson says:

    This is a wrought! You never brought us macrons!

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